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In-house video shooting and editing remote training for two

In-house video shooting & editing remote 2-day Training

2 Day remote workshop for up to 2 team members.
This remote session focuses on the foundational knowledge required to prepare for, script, setup, shoot and edit quality videos internally 80% faster.

A complete workshop to get you started creating quality videos, INhouse


Brilliantly Simple INhouse

Video Production Training

Remote training for in-house video shooting and editing capabilities to grow your business.
Need help creating more videos internally to help sell, market and train during?

We can help! We have been specializing in helping companies implement a simple in-house
video production process for years, all remotely!

Key Remote Training Outcomes

● Learn how you can make low-cost high-quality videos armed with nothing but your smartphone

● Captures videos remotely at home or office with proper lighting and sound

● Ensure videos are on brand, and speakers come across professionally

● Ability to create engaging video content that people want to watch
● Remotely direct and shoot engaging sales, marketing and training videos with confidence

● Implement a simple checklist and how-to guides for consistent ongoing video creation

● Lower cost and time by 80% with a simple “Youtuber” video production workflow

● Ability to edit and internally developed high-quality videos quickly and inexpensively

Content includes:

  • Orientation call to establish objectives, resource requirements and process
  • Smartphone video gear kit recommendations
  • Simple content “script” creation process to stay on message 
  • Identifying and selecting optimal shoot locations either at home or office
  • Lighting, smartphone setup, sound and testing
  • How to speak to the camera authentically and with confidence
  • ​Recording the designated video topic
  • Transferring and organizing video footage
  • Simple editing techniques for staying on brand, and maximizing viewer engagement
  • How to insert footage, rough edit, add text and images, add music, adjust audio, and export 
  • Utilizing a simple checklist workflow to stay on track
  • All necessary templates to keep simply doing more INhouse

What will you come away with?

Ability to quickly prep, shoot and edit engaging sales, marketing and training videos

Lower cost and time required to create video content

Poses simple internal checklist for continued video creation 

Ability to quickly edit videos and distribute them quickly

Screen_Shot_2020_01_31_at_1.14.20_PM (1)

The process is simple for all parties!

Shannon Kato - Global Manager, Sales Readiness - LinkedIN

Screen_Shot_2020_01_31_at_1.13.51_PM (1)

This process is very simple, fast, and creates quality video content that is vital in making on-demand learning more impactful. It can all be done remotely and using smartphones.

Suzanne Quinn - Dynamics 365
Readiness Lead - Microsoft


Understanding the Why is important to everybody here at Microsoft. Creating video content hike this, allows me to help our teams understand the Why and How to present the information to our customers. And for me personally, it stops my inbox from overflowing with repetitive questions,

Ben Vollmer - Global Dynamics 365 Field Service Director Microsoft 


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