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Top 3 Tips

Speed up e-learning video creation by 80%


Yes, don't script your video! Look, I'm not scripting right now, any of the YouTubers script right now.


Scripting was designed from Hollywood, it was designed for actors, that's why the process works. So if you're an actor, you're probably not watching this video.


But scripting leads to really bad results.


Number one, it's extremely time-consuming, and you've probably tried this. You're like, "Hey, I'm gonna shoot a video," you start writing it out, then it turns into a little bit of an essay, then you try to read it, and try to do it, but when you get on camera, or you try it, it's this and that. 


You try to put stuff underneath the lens, and it just turns out horrific. It just doesn't work.


Teleprompters: don't even go there. Because even if you actually get it perfectly right, even if you get it inside a teleprompter, you're still going to be reading, and it's gonna look like that you're actually reading notes on it. Because it's really, really hard to naturally read a teleprompter and be good at it. It requires an actor or a newscaster, right?


The question is, how do you stay on track? Simple.


It mirrors very similar to when you're presenting to a live audience, or even if you're training to a small group. Typically, you will have some bullet points. You create those bullet points for the video in the same way that you do for your training session. I actually have bullet points right here that I'm looking at, to do training videos like this one. So a lot of people say, "Well, how do you, you know, look at them, and going back to it?" Well, the answer is, you don't.


What you do is you pause for a second, go look at your bullet points, collect your thoughts, and then keep going. And the editing process just cut that out. That's really how it's done. So this is probably the easiest way to speed up video production. It's one of the things we train all around the world, and the first thing we do is please, don't script, or don't try to memorize your lines, because you will sound and look like a robot.


If you're using smartphones, which, hopefully, you are, the simplest way to create and speed up the process is to use natural light for your lighting. Natural light is by far the best.


Forget grabbing the lamps.


That wastes a ton of time preparing, trying to get the light ready, or it gets way too complicated to be able to do that on a regular basis. Natural light, in front of a big window, is the best and fantastic thing to do with smartphones, you give them a ton of light, it's completely consistent. If you got a nice cloudy day, it is literally the best time, because the light is so consistent, so full, and you know what happens? You just actually start focusing on creating the video content, versus messing around with some lighting. Lots of natural light, take all the light out of the equation, and you're definitely gonna speed up the ability to create content faster when it comes to training videos.


If you're using Camtasia, or whatever program you're using, a lot of trainers spend way too much time trying to make these complicated transitions, during post-production, editing. Ditch them.


Number one, they're old-school techniques.


Number two, they were designed in the video industry, and jump cuts, one of the things for consistency and speed, is designed from the YouTuber perspective. I do it all the time in my videos. I don't do it to be fancy, or neither do YouTubers, we do it for speed and efficiency.


At the end of the day, as a trainer, you're gonna need to create hundreds of videos. Ultimately, video now is gonna lead the process. So internally, you're gonna have to do it. You're not gonna have the ability to have a full video editing department, you're probably gonna have to do the editing yourself.


In order to do that, you're gonna have to accelerate the process right from the start to the end to be able to create videos very quickly. And using fancy editing transitions is a waste of the time that actually doesn't add any value towards the end of the video.


I hope you enjoyed this mini-training session. Please join our subscriber list for a ton of great content, download our e-book, it's all about video business production hacks to speed up the process. We have online courses as well as workshops to really help you accelerate.


And remember, have fun! That's also a key component in creating video content. 


Jim Sheehan, SVP Power Objects

If you are looking to expand your content, video has to be top of the category. INhouse is great to work with, they were able to bring the cost down for us, and we are able to crank out videos.
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