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What You Need from Today’s Digital Marketing Agency

April 11 2017 |



Let's start with this incredible statistic: 74% of web traffic in 2017 will be VIDEO
Follow that up with 1.5 billion online video users all wanting easily consumable content, there's a massive audience just waiting for your video-based content. Regular digital marketing agencies want you to produce written content because they are comfortable with it. (That's fine, but your stuff probably won't get read.) But that's not us - we're crazy about video and know how well it works to drive engagement and leads!
And here's some more good news - unlike older forms of video production, our method is agile, easy and cost effective. We help you tell your story simply and with budget to spare. Agency 2.0 is here. 

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Digital Marketing with Video doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive – let INhouse help!