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Statistically video

Statistically video is the most powerful medium that any business can utilize in today's digital world to sell, market and train.
Once you have a solid in-house video creation process in place, it’s critical that your business keeps a focused video strategy, hits production timelines, and continues to excel in creating regular video content.
All too often teams lack the guidance or confidence to stay strong with their video goals, and all the expenses and time we have put into video training efforts have been wasted.
In order to maintain this accountability and proper execution of your video goals, INhouse has a
variety of support packaged service offers to help you get your internal video capabilities to
keep going strong.
Fundamentally, we will help adapt your strategy every step of the way, conceptualize projects,
and give guidance and keep you up to date with new tactics, tools and steps to ensure success.
We are here not only to help you succeed with video, but transform the way you think, use,
create, distribute and use the most powerful digital medium to grow your business.

Up to 4 hours per month of video support

Access to online course library

Monthly Video content planning

Remote directing support

Review of production schedule and Removing challenges to ensure video production is on track

Video review and feedback notes for improved video content

Monthly Analytics Review

Working with outsourced subcontractors for enhanced video volume at 50% less cost then internal

Recordings of all support calls for custom video library support creation


Startup strategy and support to streamline your video production

Most popular

Acceleration strategies to speed up creation and multiple video department uses


Increasing video content creation with rapid content creation strategy and workflows


Whether it’s for sales, marketing or training, producing in-house videos shouldn’t be difficult or expensive.

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