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In-house video shooting & editing online course

Not ready to commit to a full workshop? Then get our In-house video shooting and editing online course 
All the same benefits and resources of the workshop available online. Click Here to sign up!
Not convinced yet? Click here to learn more about what a in-house video shooting and editing workshop can do for you.
At 80% less cost and time, using a simple repeatable process that anyone can do.

Cost: $497 USD

The INhouse online course:

Allows you to implement a simple process

Implement a simple process that has been successfully used in creating over $3.7M worth of smartphone videos, around the world for some of the largest brands in the world like Microsoft. All designed for non-video production business people, by business people.

For passionate business go getters

Is for passionate business go getters who want to easily create lots of quality business videos, in-house, with their Smartphones to drive business growth.

Allows you to easily create quality videos

Easily create quality videos such as customer testimonials, sales and marketing videos, training videos, social videos, How to’s, email marketing, all with your smartphone and in minutes.

Understand a new way to think

Learn and understand a new way to think around creating quality videos, in an agile, quick and authentic matter, without spending weeks and thousands of dollars doing one video.

Own all the necessary skills

Acquire and own all the necessary skills, templates, how to documents, checklist, to be able to have an effective internal video creation process without going through growing pains or outside agencies.

Unlock the secret of

Learn the secret of how a Youtuber thinks and creates highly engaging video content in minutes, with very little effort and budget.

INhouse Video Program overview + Bonus

Here is what you are going to get when you enroll today:

This program is everything a business individual needs to be able to possess all the necessary skills, templates and knowledge to easily create quality business videos using the smartphone in your pocket. This process was designed over years of working with regular business people, non-video production professionals, and used to create 1,000’s of smartphone videos around the world, with some of the smallest and biggest brands like Microsoft.

Step by step process

The complete step by step process to easily create a  professional-looking video using the smartphone in your pocket. No video production experience necessary. In fact, it’s better that you don’t have any experience.

10 x Email templates

10 x Email templates, full guides, and quick cheat sheets for speed and accuracy. Project management ready to go check list to stay organized for larger projects.

47 video training modules

47 video training modules, covering all the necessary steps from start to finish.


BONUS#: DYI Editing techniques for non-video professionals.

  1. How to do quick edits and understand what to focus on to get videos done quickly.

  2. How to use simple inexpensive online editing tools to quickly edit and get your video up and running

Trusted Process by:


From Our Clients

Mark Stuyt.png

Mark Stuyt, CEO Neural Impact

Content is King. The most powerful form of content is video. INhouse has been teaching my clients to create rich meaningful content and video, in-house, inexpensively, quickly and simply. The result - this content is driving a tremendous increase in traffic and conversions. 
Screen_Shot_2020_01_31_at_1.14.20_PM (1)

The process is simple for all parties!

Shannon Kato - Global Manager, Sales Readiness - LinkedIN

Screen_Shot_2020_01_31_at_1.13.51_PM (1)

This process is very simple, fast, and creates quality video content that is vital in making on-demand learning more impactful. It can all be done remotely and using smartphones.

Suzanne Quinn - Dynamics 365
Readiness Lead - Microsoft


Understanding the Why is important to everybody here at Microsoft. Creating video content hike this, allows me to help our teams understand the Why and How to present the information to our customers. And for me personally, it stops my inbox from overflowing with repetitive questions,

Ben Vollmer - Global Dynamics 365 Field Service Director Microsoft 


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