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Personal Sales Video Training for Sales Teams

Give your prospects a video walkthrough of your company, product, or a sales proposal. Make video document walkthroughs that turn long, tedious documents into quick, engaging video proposals.

1-day training workshop for sales team to win more deals using Personalize Video Message

Move your prospect from awareness to decision stage faster with Personalised videos.Quickly create personal videos to build trust , show products, and engage  Give your sales team the ability to send hyper-personalized video emails to win more deals

Used Case:

- For prospecting
- Booking meeting
- Sales closures
- Walking through RFPs’
- Simplify any documents over
- Targeted product demo overview

Key Training Outcomes

  • Sales team will poses confidence to continuously use personal sales video messages to win more deals.
  • Reps will acquire necessary skill for proper video presentation skills to engage and convert
  • Understand how to structure video script for maximum engagement, trust and prospect action
  • Understand rapid creation workflow to create and send a personal sales video message in under 10min on going.

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Whether it’s for sales, marketing or training, producing in-house videos shouldn’t be difficult or expensive.

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