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Video Customer Testimonial Services

Tell Your Story with customer videos, right from their home.
Authentic, Real Quality Video Testimonials, Capture 100% Remotely.

Video Customer Testimonial Samples

Video Customer Testimonial Services

At INhouse we realize the power of customer video testimonials. The challenge is getting to the customers, sending expensive film crews, and wasting customers time, and yours which both you don’t have.
But there is an easier, quicker and way more cost-efficient way to do these.
Utilizing powerful webcams, help you quickly create, and capture great customer stories, anywhere in the world, with a fraction of the time and cost of regular video production techniques.
It’s time to create great customer video testimonials.

Full services: 100% done-for-you directing and editing process

Only 30miutes is required from your customer

Captured anywhere in the world


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